Chin Implant

If you feel that your chin is not in proportion to the rest of your face, an implant can help to build out a recessive chin and improve the appearance of your facial features. Chin implants are sometimes performed at the same time as another operation to re-shape the face, such as a facelift.

Recessive chins are built out either by moving the chin forwards or by inserting an implant over the chin bone. During the operation your plastic surgeon will usually make a cut inside your mouth between your lower lip and gum and insert an implant to move your chin forward. In some cases your consultant may advise that the implant is inserted through a cut in the natural crease of your chin. The implant is usually made of silicone or another manufactured material, although sometimes it is necessary to use a bone graft.

Because the implant is inserted through the mouth, there is not usually a visible scar. However, if a bone graft is used there will be scarring in the area the graft is taken from - usually the hip - and your consultant surgeon will discuss this with you prior to your operation.

Chin implant surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic and you'll usually be in hospital for one day. You'll also need to plan time off work to rest and recover.

All operations carry risks as well as benefits. The chance of complications following a chin implant depends on the type of operation and other factors such as your general health. Your plastic surgeon will explain how the risks apply to you.