r-Retinoate® - Youth Activating Cream

A true breakthrough in anti-ageing skincare disguised in a super-luxury all-in-one moisturiser r-Retinoate® (the product name) has a light cream-serum texture with a very light but appealing scent. rRetinoate is non-oily, fast absorbing and pleasantly moisturising to address all signs of skin ageing. r-Retinoate represents a true breakthrough in anti-ageing skincare.
● r-Retinoate contains retinyl retinoate which is 8 times more powerful than retinol and is much less irritating than retinol
● Retinyl retinoate is clinically proven to reduce the signs of skin ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles
● Encapsulation of retinyl retinoate molecules improves r-Retinoate efficacy and reduces the potential for irritation even further
● r-Retinoate is an all in one cream with revolutionary anti-aging results, antioxidant protection and hydration boosting properties
● r-Retinoate is free from: parabens, fragrances, silicones, alcohol, glycols, colours and mineral oil
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